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    Vintage 1967

    The choice of connoisseurs

    Cognac DOBBÉ launches a unique and limited edition of only 200 bottles. Each bottle is numbered, unique and hand bottled in the family estate.

    The Cognac DOBBÉ Petite Champagne 1967 is recognisable by a deep color with amber highlights. The noze is powerfull and characterized by the floral notes of Petite Champagne with sensual hints of vanilla. It’s the perfect match of woody notes, leather, candied fruit and subtle delicateness touch of fresh wine flowers/floral bouquets. This Cognac Petite Champagne 1967, generates the unique smooth pleasure of an exceptionally long finish.

    The 200 bottles of 1967 in Limited edition are non-chill filtered: The non-chill filtered expression refers to a Cognac that has not been cold-filtered. The cold filtering, which precedes bottling, consists in filtering the Cognac at very low temperature (between 0 ° and -10 ° C.) in order to eliminate any possible deposition. This widespread technique can impair the taste and olfactory qualities of Cognac. The absence of cold filtering combined with a mild dilution makes it possible to obtain dense Cognac, more complex with matter and a great aromatic richness.

    Available volume: 700 ml
    Packaging: in a unique French wooden Limousin oak gift box, handmade in traditional technics in Cognac area.
    Alcohol by volume: 41,5 % volume
    Origin: AOC Cognac Petite Champagne – France

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