Traditional expertise

Located in Salignac-sur-Charente near Cognac, the Dobbé family estate includes a vineyard, a distillery and ageing cellars where the large stock of exceptional cognacs, built up over the generations, is left to mature. The house of DOBBÉ manages every stages of the cognac production process, from working the vines to marketing.

This cognac is produced on the estate

For several years now, the estate’s vineyards have been managed with the greatest care, in accordance with the latest environmental and phytosanitary standards and with the greatest respect for nature. The best grapes are then selected to be pressed. After a natural fermentation phase, the wine is double-distilled on light lees in two 25-hectolitre Charente stills.

This unique process, carried out with the greatest respect for tradition, guarantees the exceptional quality of our eaux-de-vie. Then, with the utmost care, the cellar master, who is a member of the Dobbé family, selects and assembles the eaux-de-vie to produce prestigious cognacs, which are then aged and bottled on the estate.

DOBBÉ cognacs are aged in Limousin oak barrels, in accordance with AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) rules. Over the years, the alchemy between the eau-de-vie and the wood produces powerful aromas, a unique amber colour and this famous flavour of cognac aged in oak barrels.

A family company in touch with its clients

The house of DOBBÉ produces and markets its own rare cognacs, which have been produced by the family for ten generations. It strives for excellence, whilst still respecting ancestral traditions and “French chic”, and supported by its high-end positioning.

The family business is in touch with its clients and with the latest international trends, allowing it to meet the expectations of all its consumers. DOBBÉ Cognac is responsive, dynamic and flexible and adapts its products to your requirements. Its cognacs are exported around the world.

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